Sunday, September 26, 2010

Passing On A Good Laugh..:-)

Hey Friends!

I just had to share something I read on Twitter tonight that had me laughing my ass off literally. I follow this guy whose handle is kidhunger. He posted a tweet that had me roaring. I'm a firm believer in that laughter is good for the soul. If we could all experience just one real good laugh each day of our lives we'd all be a whole lot happier and the world would be a better place for everyone in it.

Forgive me if you don't find the same humor in this comment as I did, but in my mind it's worth a shot at sharing and hopefully you'll find it funny as hell too. Of course there is no disrespect intended towards anyone's parents. I have parents and I'm a parent myself, so with that being said here goes....

Father's Day is to thank your Dad for having sex with your Mom, Mother's Day is to thank your Mom for not swallowing you!!!

I just wish I was there now to hear you laughing too.


Hotwife Kay