Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hot Afternoon Hotel Hall Pass!

Hello Sexy Friends!

What a hot afternoon I had. I woke up really horny this morning and as luck would have it Gee had to go into the office to work on a project. I say luck because Gee and I have been talking about me having hotel sex with a boytoy by myself so he could listen in via the phone to hear me and have to visualize what was actually happening based on what was being said and the noises we were making. Gee was able to slip away from his desk a couple different times today and call while I was busy losing my! Both times when he called he stayed on the line for about 20 minutes. I knew what he was doing, and he confirmed it when he got home. He was jerking off in a bathroom stall while listening to me getting the shit fucked out of me.

I met my friend Ray at a hotel not to far from where I live. I wore a long black raincoat with nothing on underneath it except a black half bra and a matching thong. I was wearing a pair of black cum fuck me heels with some silver bling that ran across the middle part of my toes. I was also wearing a silver belly chain. Sorry guys, but no pictures were taken. The sex I had today was all about cumming, squirting and erotic pleasures, along with some imagination. You will have to use your imagination just like my husband did, except he got to hear me over the phone, which blew his mind. As for how I looked, I can tell you from Ray’s reaction he loved what he saw. His mouth opened wide and out came the words DAMN GIRL! I think that pretty much summed it up. This guy was good let me tell you. He brought along a couple bottles of bubbly for me already chilled. He had already checked into the room so we walked from the parking lot directly into the building and to the room. I have to say that Ray has a lot of class. He is what I refer to as a gentleman freak. He knows how to treat a classy lady right while enjoying the slutty freak in her (i.e., me) at the same time. As soon as we got to the room he poured me a glass of champagne. We chatted for a few minutes as I sipped some bubbly and then his hands started to roam over my body. He was quite familiar with my curves and hot spots. We’ve played together before, but Gee had always been there. This was a new treat for all three of us. Gee knew that Ray would treat me right and fuck me good. And oh did he fuck me good!

We played all together for about three hours. Most of the time was spent fucking me in every position he could think of. And let me tell you, this guy knows all those positions to give a girl big black dick nice and deep. Oh yes I forgot to mention he was black and hung, but that should cum as no surprise my friends. I love men of all colors, but the brothas are my most favorite sexual playmates. Between the dark skin, tattoos, big muscles, big dicks, and how good they smell I’m like a kid in a candy store that’s been left overnight with full access to all the!

As you can imagine I had a trillion orgasms and squirted nonstop. The volume of my squirting seems to be increasing with time. It’s crazy and I love it! I can only imagine what the chambermaid who cleaned that room was thinking. I soaked that bed like I’d pored buckets of water right on the bed. Gee really got off on just listening and not saying too much. He wanted to wait until he got home from work to hear all the details. Ray came two different times. Both were huge loads too. The first one was in my mouth and all over my face. The second time he shot his hot sticky load all over my tits. Of course I swallowed the first load after playing with it first. The second load I got off on rubbing all over my tits and then I licked all the cum off my fingers. Ray enjoyed both cum shows I put on for him. The first time he came it didn’t take him long at all to get hard again. I have my way with men by the things I say and the way I look at them. Both Ray and Gee really enjoyed all my dirty talk too. I also really got into some passionate kissing with Ray that had us both really worked up for round two. He did me on the bed, in the chair, and over the desk. I have to tell you the exhibitionist in me was thinking damn it would be hot if I’d had an audience watching me. I also couldn’t help but wish just a little that there was a hidden camera somewhere capturing the whole thing. I have to admit that I really get off on watching me fucking on camera. But since Gee and I had decided how this fuck session was going to go, it was fun to cum home and share the details after the fact with him about everything that had happened. Of course you must know what came next.

Yes Gee fucked the shit out of me. Actually he started undressing me the minute he walked into our bedroom. As I started to tell him about what happened he processed to fuck me good with that dick of his I love so much. It was actually hard to recall certain details during the times I was cumming and squirting. I guess you could say I was a little! I was getting to the grand finale of my sexy hot erotic afternoon just as Gee came deep inside my pussy. He wanted me to squat over a mirror so we could watch it drip out as I finished my story. When I was done I got down on my knees and licked all the cum off the mirror. What an incredible day it was for me. I have to tell you that it was definitely as hot as it sounds. I can add this to my list of naughty adventures. I’ve done many things, but there are still so many more to cum. I hope you enjoyed reading about how slutty I was today. I know I sure made my husband very happy and also very proud of his very slutty hotwife.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay