Sunday, October 17, 2010

I've Got A Hot New Squirting Video To Share With You

Hello Sexy Friends!

This video is from my first Fuck-A-Fan experience. It's another video from my long night of hot sex with BlakLexxx. It's called "Hotwife Kay's Fuck-A-Fan Series #1 BlakLexxx Slurp N Slide". I love getting my pussy licked. In this hot video I get my pussy licked, sucked and fucked. And each of these made my pussy cum and squirt like crazy. I sat in a chair with my legs spread wide giving BlakLexxx full access to my wet open pussy. It didn’t take him any time to remove my panties and use his tongue to make me cum. And then I started squirting too. It was really hot to make out with him after he had just licked my pussy. Then he used his dick to rub my clit and fuck me and my pussy went crazy squirting. I squirted in buckets all over his dick, the chair and the carpet below.

We also made out while he was fucking me and I was squirting at the same time. This has got to be one of the most erotic things I enjoy while having hot intense sex with some of my lovers. There is some great camera work by my husband in this clip. At one point he was standing on the bed getting the angle from above. It is very common for him to use the bed, a dresser, nightstand, you name it to be in the perfect position to capture the hot sex his hotwife is experiencing. You get an up close view of my pussy getting fucked repeatedly while I squirt my juices and soak BlakLexxx’s dick and balls with each thrust of his slippery wet dick covered in my cum. Every time his dick went in and out of my very wet hole, my pussy gushed. The pleasure is almost impossible to completely describe. When I'm squirting it's like an entire body orgasm. I could never get enough of this kind of sex. This video turns me on like crazy every time I watch. If you get off on watching a woman squirt you will definitely want to add this one to your collection!

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