Friday, October 15, 2010

While Filming My 5th BBC GB We Got Escorted Off The Hotel Property By The Police

Hello Sexy Friends!

I’ve got a great story to share with you. I have filmed a million times in different hotels. But this past Saturday night’s BBC GangBang ended in a very different way for very different reasons. Normally we film well into the next morning. And we leave when we’re ready. We were actually kicked out of the hotel at 4:00am this time though because I was apparently enjoying the sex way too! The hotel manager reluctantly gave in to repeated phone calls from other guests complaining of the noises cumming from our room. It started with our neighbors on both sides of the wall banging. We all know what that bang means, however the guys were joking around saying we should invite them to join us. I was pretty sure that wouldn’t go over well. We tried to quiet things down the best we could, but I was getting the shit fucked out of me by three BBC’s, one of which was hung like a fricken horse.

Shortly after that, the phone calls started cumming in from the front desk telling us that guests were calling and complaining about how loud we were. Unbeknownst to us at the time, the hotel was at full capacity, so it wasn’t an option for any guests to request a different room. Gee worked his magic and apologized two different times that we were called. He gave them some bullshit story about friends stopping by, etc. The last phone call that came in was from the hotel manager telling us we needed to stop making noise and go to! I found that comment to be hysterical myself. I’ve never stayed at a hotel and been told to go to sleep…lmfao!!

Gee was told that if they got any more complaints from guests we would have to leave. The guys all thought it was funny as hell and just continued to gangbang me. We tried to be quieter, but have you ever seen a video of a woman getting fucked by multiple guys and everyone was quiet?..Not! Apparently the guests were sick of hearing my screams and moans of sexual pleasure. It wasn’t long after that last phone call that the knock came to our door.

We all figured it was the hotel manager there to tell us in person that we had to leave. But to our surprise it was not only the hotel manager, but the cops too and they were all men! Here I was almost completely naked wearing next to nothing but a pair of my cum fuck me heels with three naked black guys and my! Gee was the only guy dressed, and was holding a camera in his hand. It was a bit of a shock to open the door and see the police standing there. Oh lord there was no hiding the fact that we were filming with all the camera equipment and lights staged around the room. I quickly made my way to the bathroom so I could put on some clothes in the event we were going to be arrested for disturbing the peace. There was no way I was leaving that hotel room naked in handcuffs.

The good news was that in the end nobody got arrested...thank god! The bad news was that the cops weren’t leaving until we were leaving too. That meant they stood in the open doorway of our hotel room while the guys dressed and Gee packed up our equipment. That included taking down the lights and removing the bulbs and packing away all the various camera equipment, etc. The guys were great too and helped pack up the food and beverages we had all laid out for everyone during our breaks from filming. While all that was going on in the room under the observation of the cops and hotel manager I was in the bathroom getting dressed and trying to put myself together the best I could. I’d been getting fucked by a group of guys for hours and it! But me being the classy lady that I am, did my best to put myself together and look as hot as I could for my police escort from the building. I also had to pack up all my play clothes and shoes that I brought along. I always bring more than I need or wear, but "I’m an in the moment kind of girl", so I like to have a variety of things handy based on my slut/freak level of the moment. Once I was dressed and my makeup was reapplied I stayed in the bathroom listening to the conversation on the other side of the door. At one point I heard Gee confirmed for the police officers that yes the lady in the bathroom was his wife. I’m so glad they didn’t ask me to come out and make me show them my driver’s license. I still wasn’t sure at this point how this was all going to end. I know that my husband was very polite and respectful. He is quite the schmoozer when it comes to dealing with people, especially in tense situations.

Once everything was packed up and we were ready to leave Gee knocked on the bathroom door and said it was time to go. I took a deep breath and opened the door and walked out holding my head held high. I hadn’t broken any laws and if I was going to get arrested at least it was for doing what I love, and that’s fucking on film. At this point I was starting to think okay we aren’t going to be arrested. Right behind that thought I started to find this whole situation to be quite amusing. Even if my gangbang was abruptly ended at 4:00am by someone else’s doing, I had already gotten my money’s worth. I also thought about how my fans and followers were going to get a kick out of hearing about my wild night with this crazy ending. I made a point of making eye contact with both police officers (one of which was really cute and I’d have definitely fucked him if given a chance) and the hotel manager as I came out of the bathroom with my suitcase on wheels in toe behind me. It was a rather odd walk from our room down the hall to the elevator with the cops walking behind all of us. As we got on the elevator I was thinking to myself, are they actually going to get in the elevator with us? Talk about an awkward situation. Gee actually saw one officer look at the other as the elevator doors opened as if to say should we or shouldn’t we get in the elevator with them? The senior officer shook his head no and then the elevator door closed.

The five of us had a good laugh as we road the elevator down to the lobby. Once we got off the elevator I didn’t see anyone in the lobby, but as we exited the building there was not one, but two police cruisers parked out front of the hotel. They were not leaving until we were off the property. We proceeded to walk to our cars trying to keep our laughter under control. It was such a surreal moment to say the least. Once out of direct site of the cruisers the guys all did a high five and commented on how cool the whole experience had been. Guys will be guys and I had fucked all of them and had a blast doing it. We all said our goodbyes and drove away in our cars. I was glad to see that the cruisers remained behind in front of the hotel as we drove away. Gee and I really started to laugh once we hit the highway and were on our way home. It didn’t take me long after that to send out a few tweets. What we had just experience was way to cool to keep it to! What an incredible night it had been.

I will be blogging again about the actual playing details as I share the videos I create from the very hot footage that Gee captured that night. I think you will really enjoy seeing me get gangbanged again for the 5th time. Until then I hope you enjoyed reading about how Gee and I, along with our male guests got kicked out of a hotel by police escort. That hotel and those police officers have no idea that they will be a part of my GangBang description in my videos and DVDs created from my hot 5th GangBang night in Southern Connecticut.

Wet Kisses,

Hotwife Kay