Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The New Ta-Tas Are Off To A Great Start!

Hello My Friends!

I really appreciate all the well wishes and words of encouragement and interest from my fans about my progress with my new ta-tas! I am very excited to have the procedure behind me, as well as my first post op appointment with my doctor too. It just seems like yesterday I was discussing with my husband Gee the option of finding a new surgeon and getting my tits redone to fix some problems and to make them better than before. Now I find myself here today after having met with my surgeon this afternoon for him to get his first look at his handy work from 12 days ago. I’m so excited to say that I feel very fortunate to have found an incredible plastic surgeon that’s not only a perfectionist, but also an all around great guy. He takes great pride in his work and it’s important to him to give his patients exactly what they ask for.

I can still recall Gee telling me that Dr. Jon was almost giddy when he came out of surgery to let Gee know how my procedure went. He had an opportunity to recreate his own Mona Lisa and took on the challenge with great excitement. I should tell you that I was honest with him upfront when I first met with him. I felt it was in my own best interest to let my doctor in on my profession and why it was important for him to do his best work on me. Yes he knows that I am an adult film star. He was very professional in his reaction to the knowledge I shared with him. I got the feeling based on some things he said that he has had other clients who worked in the industry and other professionals where cosmetics and plastic surgery came in handy and gave them an advantage in their profession. I can say with complete confidence that he is the best surgeon in the entire state of Connecticut.

I had no idea how far off the mark my first surgeon was ten years ago. He was the head of plastic surgery for one of the biggest hospitals in Connecticut and had all kinds of certifications making him sound like he was the best to be found CT. I took him at his word, his credential and how he appeared from the outside, but without going into all the details I can safely now say that I definitely didn’t get my monies worth by a long shot! Here is an example of a saying that I say all the time that is so true “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover”. I thought the plastic surgeon I chose the first time around was going to give me the best that I could hope for. It took me ten years and having the procedure done a second time to realize I didn’t even come close to getting the best that I could hope for. Once you see the pictures later on you will understand better what I’m talking about.

In looking at my breasts in the doctor’s office today examining the results with Dr. Jon and my husband in front of the large mirror in the examining room my breasts look outrageous just 12 days out from surgery than my first set of tits looked in the entire 10 years I had them. My first set never fell into place the way they were suppose to and it was because the surgeon didn’t make the pockets deep enough for the implants to drop giving me the best change of natural looking breasts. That was the most important thing I was looking for this time around. I’m very excited that my breasts not only look natural, but also they are bigger, wider, and have a very natural looking hang to them. My big fat nipples are finally at home where they belong…lol! You’ll see soon enough what I’m talking about!

I am excited about getting pictures taken to show off the new girls to all my fans as soon as I am ready. To be up front and honest with you right now they are very bruised. My doctor had to do a lot of work to remove scar tissue and make the pockets deeper and wider so that my breasts would look natural. I had him do some extra work as well to make sure he wouldn’t need to do a breast lift, which would have meant scars I didn’t want to incur. Consequently I have a lot of black and blue bruises that I’d rather not share with anyone except my husband and my doctor. When my bruising goes away I will start taking pictures and let you on sharing the progress I continue making throughout my first year with the new twins. It does take an entire year from breast implants that are done under the muscle to fall into position and take the shape that they will maintain going forward. I was really happy with my doctor stitching up the top of my pockets so that my implants would stay down lower the way natural breasts look. I will have all the markings of large natural tits, but without the mushy feel that natural breasts tend to feel like as a woman gets older. I can assure you that I will continue to be one of the hottest MILFs out there doing her thing for a long time to cum. I am taking good care of my mind and body so that I can enjoy being a slutty Hotwife for a very long time. I have everything about a MILF that younger guys love, and its my mission to be the object of men’s sexual desires for as long a period of time that Mother Nature and my Plastic Surgeon will allow as they work together..lol! There is a fine line between how much a woman lets Mother Nature be responsible for and what she will put in the hands of her Plastic Surgeon. I’m still young enough and healthy that I have a ways to go at becoming the sexiest woman that I am capable of becoming. That’s a pretty exciting thought in my mind. I feel like I’m just getting warmed up, so I sure hope you’ll stick around and enjoy this ride with me.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay