Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Am A Real "Hotwife"

Hello Special Friends!

Well I am excited now to share my most recent sexual evolution with you. To tell you the truth Gee and I have reached this place in a rather interesting way. It wasn’t planned, it just happened over the course of meeting new male playmates. We both found that when I have connected on a deeper level with my sexual partners it made the sex much hotter and more intense. We could see the difference clearly on film between my sexual partners that I had both physical and emotional chemistry with and others that were just fun to play with. The intensity came through on film and was a total turn on for both of us to see. The idea of me having “special boyfriends” along with my fuck buddies was hot as hell friends!! After doing a little research we found that there were other couples like us that were into this aspect of the lifestyle – the wife having a deeper relationship with other men she has sex with. The term used to describe the wife of these couples is “Hotwife”.

To explain the definition of Hotwife further we found quite a few, but the best one was this:

“A wife who is sexually uninhibited with the freedom and inclination to enjoy sex with both her husband and other men, with her husbands blessings and encouragement. From the hotwife perspective the goal is primarily physical pleasure, especially in being able to regularly reach a climax with different men. She may enjoy the attention of men, the freedom to pursue sexual partners, the excitement associated with new sexual experiences, and as a married women the "forbidden" nature of what she's doing.”

That’s a pretty good definition overall. The key thing being that the husband is the one responsible for taking his wife to that place. And he gets as much pleasure seeing his wife enjoy her sexual pleasure with other men, as she gets being with those men. But there’s also a higher level of the Hotwife lifestyle that my husband took me to that’s even more amazing – sharing me on an intimate level with a few very special lovers. Because while we both have always had a lot of fun having me suck and fuck other men for the pure sexual pleasure, when he shares me on an intimate level with another man where we share passion, feelings, and emotions, as well as sex, the experience is amazing!!!!

Now make no mistake – truly sharing your wife with another man on an emotional level is NOT for the faint of heart! Your marriage MUST be rock solid, your husband has to be very confident in his ability to please you sexually, and jealousy just can’t enter into it at all. And you both have to openly talk about your feelings and if you’re both comfortable with “wife sharing” on an emotional as well as a sexual level. But if everything is in the right place for both of you, the experience of having other people in your life that you genuinely care about makes the physical act of sex with others more gratifying than you can imagine.

So the way we look at it there are many different levels of a Hotwife. Everything from just sharing her with other men and letting her explore her sexual desires where ever they might take her, to really enjoying Hotwife Wife Sharing where the wife dates and actually has boyfriends. We’ve gone down this road where I had an actual boyfriend that my husband eagerly shared me with. We all had an, actual 3-way relationship where I was “their girl”, and my husband and my boyfriend really liked each other a lot. But I also had my own separate little relationship with my boyfriend where I would talk to him on the phone almost daily – sometimes I would share those conversations with my husband and sometimes I wouldn’t. And the wonderful thing about the situation was my husband was the one who wanted it that way. I’ve never hide anything from my husband. And from time-to-time when I was on the phone with my boyfriend and my husband wanted me all to himself, that’s what I did – willingly. Because although I’m really enjoying the Hotwife lifestyle, my husband will always be my first priority. He will always come first. But I have to be honest with you friends. It’s pretty wild having found the person that you were meant to walk through life with, AND be able to have everything from hot sex to intimate caring relationships with other men too! I would have NEVER even thought about such a thing on my own, and it took me a long time to really feel comfortable enough to totally let myself go and get completely into another man and enjoy it as much as I wanted to without worrying about hurting my husbands feelings. But this is something that HE really wanted me to do. And with him continually encouraging me to enjoy my men, and encouraging me to honestly tell him how much I enjoy my men and how much certain ones mean to me, I finally crossed that “line” and became my husband’s true Hotwife. What a lucky girl I am huh?????

So there you have it. I know this entry is pretty long. But I want my friends here to really understand what I’m about, how much we both love me being a Hotwife, and how I got here. My hubby is NOT a cuckold – quite the opposite! He so totally enjoys me being with other men and being a Hotwife that he got me to do videos, become a “porn star”, let men fuck me up my ass, cum on my face, do gang bangs, you name it! He is SUCH a perv!!!!! LOL!!!!! And we’re just getting started! There are so many things that we still haven’t done that he wants me to – right now we’re working on my first 5 – 6 man gang bang! And he actually told me that when I’ve fucked guy number 100 he’s going to celebrate! I’ve had sex with over 35 men since we’ve been married, and I’m eagerly looking forward to many, many more. But with a husband like mine who knows how many men will have me before it’s all said and done! I can’t wait to find out!!!!!!


Sensual Hotwife Kay