Monday, May 4, 2009

Part Two Of My Latest Video Is Available For Your Viewing Pleasure

Hello Sexy Friends!

I have another hot new video to share with you. This one is part two from the video I put out yesterday. This one is called ”My 2nd BBC GangBang – Bedroom Fuck Suck 2”. It starts off with me getting my ass slapped, which is such a turn on. I loved being a submissive slut for Big Max and Mr. Ed while sexy Tay stood by filming the hot action with my hubby.

I did lots of screaming, moaning and grunting during this hot sexcapade. These sexy ass men had me talking very dirty to them as they tag teamed my pussy and mouth for their pleasure. They made me cum in buckets as they took turns stretching out my pussy with their big black dicks. You can hear the sounds of wet dick going into my wet pussy with every thrust. WOW do I love to get fucked by rock hard black dick!! I just can’t ever get enough of it. Big Max had me by the hips and was pounding me into the bed while Mr. Ed had me by my hair as he told me to lick my pussy juices off his dick. The slut in me was lost in the pleasure my friends and I hope I pass this pleasure on to you as you watch me in action.

I can tell you that these guys got me so turned on telling me how sexy I was and how good I felt. They just kept pushing me to the edge with incredible sexual pleasure. The harder they fucked me, the louder I screamed. There is nothing sexier or hotter then when I am having sex with multiple men at once and it’s obvious how hot the sexual connection is between all of us.

The heat got turned up in the room as Mr. Ed used his feet on my hips to push my pussy onto Big Max’s dick. They worked by body back and forth like football players passing the ball. I took my own turn with the ball when I sucked Mr. Ed’s balls making his dick stand up straight at attention. Stay tuned for more, because it just gets hotter from here.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay