Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Freaky Night With Silk Part Three

Hello Sexy Friends!

In Part Three Silk continues to grind my pussy with his rock hard dick. He had my legs pinned up above my head with my boots wrapped around his neck as created waves of orgasms deep inside my married white wet pussy. He worked his hips in a sexy rhythm that had me moaning and whimpering with ecstasy. I loved the feel of his dick sliding in and out with each deep thrust. Once he started to fuck me into the couch I positioned my hands to hold my pussy open for him. We were both getting covered in my pussy juices that were spraying out of my very excited pussy. My hubby was working the camera angles with his own raging hard on while all this hot action was occurring.

Silk stopped long enough to switch position. He got on his knees and spread my legs apart and had me by my hips and continued fucking me with pleasure. The looks on both our faces show how intense our sexual chemistry was. It was down right fucking hot!! It got even hotter when Gee sat down on the couch and I moved so my head was in his lap. He held onto my arm and one leg to help hold me open so Silk could continue to fuck the shit out me. I used my mouth to suck on my husband’s finger like a cock while my pussy was exploding with black cock pleasure. It was sexy as hell to feel my husband right there with me while I was being fucked by another man.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay