Friday, January 15, 2010

I Had Some Fun The Other Night!

Hello Sexy Friends!

I wanted to tell you about something fun that happened the other night. Gee and I went out for beers to one of our favorite local hangouts. We ran into this young guy named Todd that we had paid a couple years ago to paint the outside of our house, as well as do some inside painting too. We actually met him for the first time in a different bar where he was running karaoke. While we were there playing pool we started talking to this guy who was actually a friend of Todd’s. During our conversation Gee told him we were looking for someone to paint our house. He told us that he and his friend Todd had a painting business on the side and they would be interested in doing the job. So one thing led to another and we ended up hiring them to paint our house. At the time he did the work for us Todd was 21 years old and cute as hell, but I kept that to myself. It was summer time and I was always in a pair of shorts and tank top, so I know he got lots of free views of my chest and ass that I have no doubt he enjoyed. I would catch some quick glances on his part, but I never let on that I knew he was checking me out. I had a lot of fun during the time he worked for us making him lunches and serving him lots of cold beverages. He absolutely loved all the food I made for him, especially my macaroni salad. I know this because he always asked for seconds. It actually gave me a lot of pleasure to make and serve food that I knew Todd was going to like. I’m sure it only made him think I was hotter too…lol! Between my MLIF looks and cooking I had him in the palm of my hands. We had many good conversations during the time he was working for us, in spite of Gee constantly giving me shit jokingly because I was distracting Todd from his work. Gee was pushing him to get the job done as soon as possible, but I don‘t think he was in any hurry to be done.

One Saturday night around the time Todd was finishing up the job he suggested we join him for beers at this hole in the wall bar that he enjoyed going to, to sing karaoke. He had plans to go there that night to meet up with a bunch of his friends for some beers and singing. Gee and I liked Todd, so we thought it would be a fun way to spend an evening. We did end up having a great time. We drank a fair amount of beer and had a pretty good buzz going when Gee decided to offer up me flashing Todd. He actually just came right out and said and I quote “hey Kay why don’t you flash Todd and show him how great your tits look”. I sat there with my mouth open because I couldn’t believe what my husband had just suggested that I do with no advance notice. Now keep in mind friends I normally love to flash and I am more than happy to put a smile on anyone’s face for the sheer pleasure of it. But this was a little different in that I would have never done this on my own ever. Not with this guy, probably because of the circumstances of how we had come to know him. He had spent time in my home and around my kids, so the mom in this MLIF was caught off guard. Have no fear though, I quickly switched gears thanks to the beers I’d consumed and without thought flashed Todd with every sexy fiber of my being. As his eyes popped out of his head and his jaw dropped Gee goes “go ahead and touch them”. I think that was when I got a little bashful, but in spite of both Todd and myself being brought into this situation that neither of us asked for we enjoyed the moment. He reached across the table for a quick touch, we exchanged smiles and then I quickly put them away before being spotted by someone that might not appreciate what just happened.

Fast forward to the other night. We ran into Todd and had some beers together and reminisced of what we went through renovating our house and getting it painted. After a few beers and last call we invited Todd and his female friend to come back to our house for a couple more beers. Gee gave Todd the grand tour of our house with all the renovations complete. He wasn’t around when the house was finished and he was as interested in seeing the end result as Gee was to show it off. We damn near killed ourselves renovating our entire house. The plan was to sell at a profit and move south, but with the collapsing of the housing market, selling and moving has been put off for a couple years. Todd was very impressed with the job we did, which led us to having a couple more beers toasting a job well done. I found myself at one point alone with Todd and he took the opportunity to tell me he thought I was beautiful and to remind me of that night in the bar when I flashed him. To be honest until he reminded me of it I had actually forgotten about the event. That should tell you how often I! He was trying to find the right words to describe that moment in time for him. He finally found the words and told me that my boobs were the “set of boobs that got away from him”. He had me laughing with his comment. I offered to show him my tits again which he quickly said yes as if I might change my mind. And again I got the same reaction as the first time, his eyes popping out of his head and his jaw dropped which was quickly followed by a very big smile on his face. In that moment I literally took his breath away because he stopped to take a couple deep breaths and I found it extremely flattering. I had no idea how attractive he thought I was. I covered up my chest again and started to share my little secret of being a hotwife. I didn’t get very far into my story before he asked me to flash him one more time. He was just in awe which I found very sweet and it was also pretty hot too. He was blown away by what I shared with him, including mine and Gee’s turn-on of enjoying hot sex with others as swingers and filming it amateur style to share with other like-minded people. That is by far my biggest sexual turn-on. Having hot sex on film, especially with sexy black men and capturing it so that we can allow others to see it is just totally hot. I love to let the freak in me cum out and play and the reaction I get from others seeing it makes me wet and horny as hell. This was about the time that Gee walked into the room and Todd proceeded to share the boobs that got away comment with him which reminded Gee of the flashing encounter he created a couple years prior that he had forgotten about too. He thought it was all pretty funny and enjoyed seeing Todd’s same reaction to my boobs as before. I think Todd asked me to flash him about five more times before the night was over. Let me tell you it took some reactivity on my part to get away with all of this and not have his female friend walk in or have any clue of what was going on. I really do believe in discretion when it applies.

Todd and his friend ended up staying over night sleeping in our guest room and the couch because of the drinking, so I never did get to say goodbye before they got up and left the next morning. I’m sure we will see Todd again sometime in the near future. I know that he would love to play with me because he let me know that, but I didn’t make any promises. I gave him much to think about and masturbate too until we see each other again. I’ll let you know if anything else happens. If the mood strikes I just might bag this young white 23 year old and make all his fantasies cum true. Based on the fact that he kept taking many deep breaths and shaking his head as I shared my secrets and let him see my tits and big nipples up close I have no doubt if I fucked him, I would totally leave him wrecked, in a good way of course…lol!

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay