Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Have A Very Hot New Raw & Unedited Video To Share

Hello Sexy Friends!

I have a hot new video to share with you from my "Hotwife Kay Raw & Unedited" collection. Cum check out my latest video called "Hotwife Kay Raw & Unedited Cum And Get Me Boyz Part 1". You may have had the pleasure of viewing the individual clips from this hot footage, but what you didn't get to see was the raw and unedited footage which includes so much more. If you want to see EVERY DETAIL of what happened as if you were there, you'll definitely want to have your own copy of this hot footage. There is plenty of wack off material for you to enjoy!

This footage was taken on my first night playing with two sexy brothers at the same time. I had played with both of them separately before this night. Together Silk and Mr. Dude outdid themselves tag teaming me together. These well-hung hotties fucked me deep and hard and had me cumming and screaming non-stop all night long. They pounded my pussy for hours, but it didn’t take me very long into this night to know this was my kind of sex! It was so exciting and hot for me to be taken and enjoyed by these guys while my husband cheered them on. I sucked and deep throated their dicks while they took turns fucking my tight wet pussy. It gets pretty wild at one point when one of the guys climbs up on the chair behind me to mount my pussy as deep as it had ever been fucked. You can quickly tell by the “real” hot action that included everything from talking dirty, screaming, moaning, and laughing that this is as real as it gets for an amateur hotwife who loves fucking for her husband while experiencing hot sexual pleasure.

In addition to fucking two BBC, my hubby jumps in and takes his turn too. There is also a very hot cock-sucking scene where I am giving both these men head at the same time. It is very hot to see my lips stretched out around two big black dicks at once. This video will definitely become one of my hottest in my Raw & Unedited collection. Just wait till you see Part 2. It will be available shortly so you can see how I spent several hours during my first night of multiple black men sex. Let the games begin!

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay